Gender Equality: We support the rights of all individuals, regardless of gender or sexual identity. Across the wide spectrum of gender equality issues, the area we are currently best able to focus on is that of women’s and girls’ rights. Within this concern, our priorities are on combating gender-based discrimination and violence, preventing child marriage and forced marriage, and providing equal access to education.

Human Rights: Although we approach all our programs from a human rights perspective, we have a particular thematic area for projects and grantees working to prevent human rights violations. We are currently focused on anti-trafficking initiatives, and protecting individual civil and political liberties.

Education: We believe that everyone should have access to education. Recently we have been paying special attention to educational initiatives benefiting marginalized or otherwise disadvantaged young children and adolescents. As the Ing Foundation believes that there is no age limit to learning, we also support opportunities for research, fellowships, and professional development.